Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mermaid Bathroom

I think every girl would want a mermaid bathroom. I found a sign that became the inspiration and went from there. 
The sign was adorable in a " I have to have it kind of way". It lead me to painting the cabinet, a nice gingerbread brown I have used in other places in my house.
Painting the cabinet lead me to painting the medicine cabinet and outlet plates silver. Hammered silver spray paint which covered the outlet and switch covers like a dream. Again, just leftover paint I had. This left the walls wanting a fresh bright color. 
     It's hard to tell, but it's a very light aqua color, like ocean water. The sun and moon were on my now gone back patio. They were gold. You can see where this is going. I taped up the mirror and spray painted it. I found the tray at Salvation Army, more spray paint, and the wicker unit we had. That was purchased as a damaged item from Pier 1 many years ago. One drawer was smashed. We removed 2 drawers , added a shelf and have bathroom storage.
  The photos were taken in Cape Cod. My husband and I went on a kid free getaway and did this.
  We finally added a curved shower curtain bar and a hookless curtain. I love this curtain so much! Mildew resistant, and putting it up is a cinch. I'll never use hooks again! 
   My shell collection from everywhere we have traveled to. 

More details!!

     Refinishing the tub was the hardest part, but we love how it came out. Overall I repurposed a lot of what we already had and spent very little money to freshen up this space for 3 mermaids. 

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