Sunday, February 16, 2014

Oh We Chopped Down the Old Pine Tree, Timber!

I was walking the dog today looking at how different the house is starting to look with the addition and I remembered how different it looked with the pine tree. The pine tree was about 100 years old and 100 feet tall. It was a landmark on the street for sure.
  Where the old pine tree went wrong though was that it was growing right next to our house. It's roots were making the sidewalk buckle and it was growing into the foundation. Since I love my house, disrupting the foundation is bad, very bad, so it had to go. I called some crazy brave tree cutters who scaled it and took it down.
    I was left with an impressive pile of pine bark mulch, and some roots to grind out. I was also left with peace of mind. Whenever it stormed I lived in fear of that tree getting struck and coming down. It was easily the tallest tree on my street, if not in the entire village.

  Taking the tree down opened up a garden bed space as well as let light into my little sun room. My neighbor came over to thank me as we'll cause now his dining room gets morning light the tree was blocking out. Who knew? 
    I know we're covered in snow, but I can't wait to see this bed in the spring, I added tulips. Let's see if they come back!

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