Sunday, March 2, 2014


    Not every project we do is about aesthetics. We like to balance out cosmetics with improvements that make our house more efficient. When we moved in there was an oil furnace. In 2005, the cost to heat this house was 1400.00 a year. In 2008, after the price of oil sky rocketed, that cost rose to 1800.00 per year! 
    Last year we found a NYSERDA program that we qualified for. We received a free energy audit, which confirmed we needed some updates. We had the crawl space spray foamed. It previously had no insulation and our kitchen was always 5 degrees colder than the rest of the house. We were clearly  also losing heat. Brian replaced a large leaky window with a super efficient one and when he took the window out, found no insulation around it and a 3 inch gap. Finally, we spray foamed the premieter of the foundation and had a natural gas high efficiency furnace installed. The result? A 627.00 price tag to heat our home per year. That puts 1200.00 a year into our pockets. We got a low interest loan to pay off the new furnace, at 2.8 %, we can easily live with this. In 10 years, this puts 12000.00 back into our hands. Amazing. Here's a photo of the little gas furnace

  It is a sight to behold! Money well spent. 


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