Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Keeping Cozy

   Today checked in at -17 this AM in the village and we got a snow day! To me a snow day is an extra day, a gift. I usually cook, or craft, or clean and organize, using every moment up wisely. 
    Since we are in the middle of a major renovation and the side of my house is ripped up and exposed, protected only by the inside wall and home wrap, it's both chilly and frosty in parts of my house. I know it's going to be worth it for 800 square feet of space, but today it's cold. I'm in the middle of sewing draft dodgers out of the bottom of an insulated pair of curtains I cut and hemmed and a pair of jeans that had a blow out. Free material, and  2 bags of rice from ALDI make my project total 3.00. Not bad. I made this one just by cutting it out with pinking shears, stitch the long side, stitch the bottom, use a funnel to fill with rice, then stitch the opening closed. If you have old windows and find the plastic ugly or window putty messy, thus is a great idea. Stopped my draft completely. The rice makes the draft dodger heavy and the air doesn't leak. 

It was an easy quick 20 min project and now I can sit next to this window and not feel the breeze. Stay warm today. 

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