Sunday, January 19, 2014

It Had Me at Hello

    Back in 2005 my husband and I were living in a center hall colonial walk up in the historic Union Triangle district of Schenectady. I was finishing grad school and longing for a move back to Central New York. I was a rural small town girl, and you just can't run from that.
    We were selling our Schenectady property, job searching, and house hunting all while I was pregnant with 2 kids already, and in grad school. The only thing that saved us from crazy was online MLS listings. 
     By night, after work, I was scouring properties, neighborhoods, loans, trying to figure it all out when I stumbled on " THE LISTING!" You know how in a relationship you just know it's " the one?" In property relationship language I knew.

    This is a copy of the listing previous owners made after we bought it. It shows when they bought it and what they paid in 1947 and what it was listed for in 2004. It was written up as " village jewel" and my husband and I couldn't agree more. 
   It was the first house we looked at and I was in love. I could tell it needed a kitchen gut, but kitchens are personal, I'd rather do our own from scratch. It had a Carriage barn that made me swoon, and a double lot ready for dreamy gardens and  a brick path. I had my vision. The realtor forced us to see another property, a Cape in the country. Half way through she said " you're thinking about the village house?" We sure were! We left that viewing to go make an offer. You know it's right when you can't sleep until you know  the offer is accepted and you don't want to leave. This I knew was love at first sight. Our village jewel.

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