Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer Lovin'

One thing I really love is my porch. Added just a pop of color this year. Turquoise! 😍
A bench that was a roadside rescue that I stenciled combined with  just a couple accents. Can't wait to rip this floor up and add stained wood flooring to match my porch ceiling.
A view of my grandmothers wicker planter filled with geraniums. 
The milk can from my farm. It's pretty rusty but nothing spray paint won't fix!
And nothing says summer more than a cat in the open window. Hello babyman!
I've thought about taking this down but it's so cute! 
Window boxes are new this year. We had to do something with the old gutters! Seamless gutters coming soon. 
And a view of my latest project. Oblisk and climbing roses. Still needs mulch and a fountain, but it's on its way!

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