Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Merry and Bright

   I gotta confess, having new spaces to decorate for the holidays was worth every moment of dust, dumpsters, and destruction. Our house is starting to look like I saw it in my head when we bought it, a blend of old and new. I may have gone overboard on decorations, but you only live once! 
The  front porch is almost done. My husband added our new color scheme to the rails and I slapped some quick paint on the door. It's called red wine! We still need to replace the door, it had air leak issues, but for now, it's pretty.
  I'm finally used to seeing the new color! Heritage cream. Be still my country loving heart. I've been stopped in the street by people admiring the new look. Couldn't be happier! We need to replace the blue criss cross stuff this summer with red and finish the shutters, but we will get there. You gotta be patient with an old house! Brian is restoring the porch rails. I think they are original. They sure look it! 
   I love this porch! Look at the stained pine board ceiling we put in  2 summers ago. Gutted out rotten falling down boards and re did the leaking porch roof. You can catch a glimpse of my star light. It's from a shop in Cooperstown from years ago, still love it!!!!
  Some shots of my sweet decorations. Gotta love a roll of vintage wrapping paper a free tree and Anna's old tricycle!
  Moved some old decorations out here to finish my look! What a beautiful holiday.

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