Monday, August 18, 2014

The Kitchen

    The kitchen remodel was the second big project we tackled after moving in. We had first poured concrete in the barn and laid  a floor in there. We can park one car in there but have a beautiful work space.  
     We used the old kitchen a year so we could get used to the space and plan how we wanted it. I knew we would gut it it and I was ok with that. Kitchens are personal and I wanted to plan mine.
    I hit the jack pot on cabinets and appliances. A friend of a friend bought a house but hated it's " new" kitchen. This is why I say kitchens are personal! He gutted out hand made pine bead board cabinets and stainless Steele appliances. For 3 k I got all the cabinets and a new stove, double door fridge , never used microwave ( a big one) and still shrink wrapped dishwasher. I saved at least 10k on cabinets and all but 1 fit! 

     They were perfect! With new hardware I was in love!!!! Add a tin ceiling, wine chiller, and beautiful country colors and it's still my favorite space.

With such large cabinets, I could use cabinet space for a wine chiller! And who doesn't need one of those!
Reused butcher block that was already here. My husband turned it into an island using some of the  cabinets that didn't quite fit. We did the entire gut job floor to ceiling for 11k and that included a contractor! Oh yeah, speaking of ceilings, don't hate me but this is mine! I made it look original with several coats of Martha stewart precious metals paint.
And so is this communication center, which the cabinet door hides chargers. My husband custom made this with left over cabinets. He's mine girls. 
  You can catch a glimpse of the matching pantry, but that's another post another day. I promise!

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